1. How old was George Clooney when he finally became a star in ER?
  2. In what sport did George fail to become a professional?
  3. What universities did George drop out of?
  4. What sickness did George suffer from as a teenager?
  5. What was the worst movie George played in (according to Rotten Tomatoes)?
  6. Who was the worst Batman of all time according to www.whatculture.com?
  7. What did George dream of doing while acting as an extra on his father’s show (The Nick Clooney Show)?
  8. With whom did George have his longest relationship (from 1988 to 2006)?
  9. Who was George’s aunt?
  10. What traumatic event did she witness when she was 40?
  11. What region of Sudan is George trying to help?
  12. What is the name of the fictitious novel in Michael Clayton?
  13. How does it save Michael Clayton’s life?

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